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“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter
under heaven.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

Where has Summer Gone??
I pray your summer was filled with goodness and fun. Throughout my summer, I felt as though I was living on the negative side of the happenings in Ecclesiastes. I had a summer filled with setbacks.
I spent May-June with major hip pain (a time to break down) that took time to heal. I must thank my personal chiropractor, Michael Jr, for working with me to get back on track (a time for weeping). Then, I spent several weeks, not only catching up on the work I missed, but also, trying to get ahead of work that needed to be done so I could go on vacation and cover Wendy’s, our church Administrative Assistant vacation as well (a time to throw away and prioritize).
I love how God knew what my upcoming weeks would look like and prepared me to not have to worry as I vacationed and then dealt with a major personal setback. Due to our vacations Wendy and I spent several weeks designing worship and bulletins through most of July and all of August.
I spent a marvelous week in Amish Country, PA with a dear friend where we did laugh a lot. The week I was back I took time to be with my grandchildren (a time for tearing out coloring pages to adorn my fridge). These two weeks were the bright side of my summer.
I guess my body became weary because I then spent the next several weeks really sick (my body was at war with itself). I spent another two weeks recovering from being sick and now September is upon me with more work to accomplish. This September we will begin a confirmation class which will run several times a month culminating on March13, 2022 with Confirmation Sunday. (We will need your help providing lunches and adult helpers during our meeting, therefore let me know if you can help in any way.)
I will also be working on ordination requirement again with the hope of going before the Board of Ordained ministry in February 2022. Please pray for me.
With God’s help and your patience and encouragement this year looks to be full all the way to the end. May each of us rely on God to meet us in the time we find ourselves and move us to where we are needed most.
As the seasons prepare to change again, may we stay steadfast in our love and in our commitment to a God who never changes.


Pastor Linda

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