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Maybe it was all the years spent in school or regulated to the school calendar, but I have always felt as though September was a start of something new. As we approach this new month, we can grumble about leaving summer behind us or like me, become overwhelmed with glee about the possibilities before us. I wonder if this feeling is even close to the way God must have felt as he first surveyed Creation and called it ‘very good?’ All of Creation was pristine and God saw the realm of possibilities was endless for Creation.
We may not be pristine as we enter into September but we worship a God who still looks upon Creation, individuals, and churches and sees endless possibilities. What is your greatest prayer for yourself and for your church? God uses us as agents of change and can bring those prayers to reality. Don’t sigh and regret what is behind us. Instead, look toward our future knowing God is already there working out our possibilities.
There is a beautiful hymn entitled This Is a Day of New Beginnings, written by Brain Wren which begins with these words: “This is a day of new beginnings, time to remember and move on, time to believe what love is bringing, laying to rest the pain that’s gone” with stanza 4 reminding us “Christ is alive, and goes before us to show and share what love can do. This is a day of new beginnings; our God is making all things new.”
Let us step into a new beginning with God. Become overwhelmed with glee over the possibilities. Start something new in your life to get closer to God such as daily Bible reading, daily prayer time, or daily meditation time. Start something and watch what God will do with it. The possibilities are endless with God for us as individuals and for us as a church.
September is a start of something new. Let us see what God will do.

Pastor Linda

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