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From the Pastor’s Pen

You would think turning the calendar to reveal December would put me in the Christmas mood. You would think snow would put me in the Christmas mood. You would think planning our Advent and Christmas worship services would put me in the Christmas mood. You would think seeing the sanctuary decorated or decorating my own home would put me in the Christmas mood. Yes, I have even tried the Christmas movies to no avail and I know shopping will never accomplish this task since that is a drudgery I do not like. I have baked some cookies and planned the holiday parties but still I lack something.
So, if all this preparation has not accomplished what I was hoping it would, then where do I find the Christmas spirit I so desire? For me, the quite times with God reveal this spirit more than any other preparations. Rereading the accounts of the first Christmas and remembering what this season is truly about is the only way I can muster the celebration in my heart.
I am not fond of the commercialization of this season. I am not fond of the actions of those who will tote this season as the greatest time of year but forget the greatest gift of all is the baby in the manger. If I allow these things to get me down, how can I be open to the joy?
As I struggle through “catching the Christmas spirit.” I am reminded of the lyric from one of our great hymns of faith, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” Let the spirit of joy, hope, love, and peace begin with me.
I do not have to celebrate as the whole world tells me to celebrate. I need to celebrate as God shows me. I need to stay obedient as Mary. I need to walk humbly as Joseph. I need to fluff the hay as did the innkeeper. I need to leave my work behind to behold the baby as did the shepherds. I need to sing of God’s glory as did the angels. I also need to treasure all these things in my heart as Mary was so fond of doing. In these actions comes the true spirit of Christmas.
The Spirit of Christmas can always be found in focusing on the Christ child. May that Spirit reign supreme in your home this Christmas season.

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