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Pope Francis once said, “Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from our lethargy.”
Lent has begun in our churches and I pray also in our hearts. May we take a page from Pope Francis’ quote and work to be reawakened to God. May we exercise our way through Lent to overcome our lethargy in our faith and in our souls.
As we navigate this world and a worldview that leaves us unsettled, or we fear the violence and hatred that is rampant around our communities, and as we encounter so many more moving away from a foundation and faith in Jesus Christ, we can find ourselves soul-weary. I am not sure about you, but many times I feel soul-weary.
It is precisely at moments like this when we need to renew our strength or better yet, allow God to renew our strength for us. One of the soul-weary prophets we read about in scripture is Elijah in the 1 Kings. Elijah found himself so soul-weary he sought death. God instead cared for Elijah and brought a companion to his side named Elisha. When we feel lethargy creeping into our lives from being so soul-weary, we need to reawaken to God’s great care for us.
I pray this Lent we hone our knowledge of the Word of God, we commune often with our Maker and practice prayer, fasting, and worship of our God and King. During this time of Lent, set aside the matters of this world and just allow God to speak to you.
Allow yourself to be reawakened, renewed, and energized by God’s Amazing Grace in your life. Look for it, accept it, and live into Grace. And when you find yourself walking through the darkness of the desert of Lent, the wilderness of this world, or the burdens of life, always remember…Easter is coming.


Pastor Linda

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