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Jesus said, “Destroy this temple and in three days I will rise up.” ~ John 2:13-22

Here we are about midpoint in our Lenten journey trying our best to use this time to connect with God in new and beautiful ways. As a minister, I spend the time during Lent preparing for Easter Sunday worship. Just as many of us are working to prepare or hearts and minds to celebrate this beautiful day. Easter is after all, one of those “high-holy-days.” I know things need to look different in this worship service because we celebrate how things are made different in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
This year, like last year, we will be held to pandemic regulations making the planning more difficult. Sigh!!! What does all this mean?
I am fully aware, while we walk through these days of Lent, anticipating Easter Sunday, we need to shift focus from what we cannot do to what God will have us do. We may be confined by pandemic rules, and we will continue to meet these rules to the best of our ability, making things look different this year, but Easter is still coming. Worship may look different, but Easter is still coming. Easter is still coming.
Never loose sight that on the first Easter Sunday the world, especially the disciples, thought the end had come. They sat in fear from the events of Good Friday, they locked themselves away, unsure of where to go.
I can relate, even as we walk this Lenten road, uncertainty, fear, and locked doors can feel familiar. Yet, unbeknownst to the world, the tomb was not silent…something was happening beyond their eyesight. Unbeknownst to the disciples, the fear they felt would be replaced with rejoicing. Unbeknownst to any of us locked doors would not be able to hold Jesus at bay, just as the stone in front of the tomb could not hinder the Son of God.
Regardless of the obstacles you may face upon this Lenten road remember Easter is coming and rejoicing will be restored. God is working, it might just be beyond our eyesight right now.


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