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The calendar I am using in my home office this year has pages that I have to remove to reveal the next month. It is a cathartic moment to peel off one page and see a new month emerge. After the living through the fickle weather of April, it is nice to see May emerge with new possibilities. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with our vision of how Spring should progress. If the past few years have set the precedence, then we will be going from snow to 90 degrees in no time. Let the grumbling begin.
Listening to the grumbling about the weather makes me wonder how, in this Eastertide between now and Pentecost, we are representing ourselves as believers in a Resurrected Lord.
Do those around us welcome us because of the “SON”shine we share in all weather and circumstances? Or are those around us rolling their eyes and groaning when they see us because they must listen to grumbling and strife? My prayer is we have all made the choice to be a shining message about God’s love to all.
Maya Angelou once said, “Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” Let us, in all circumstances become the rainbow by reflecting the prism of light that is Jesus Christ and enhance Jesus’ light into the grumbling, fickleness, and upheaval of this world.
It is still Easter—continue to celebrate.

Pastor Linda

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